The Issueanced of M-4

Destribution of M-4, CSAFP and FOIC



AYUNGIN DEFENDERS. Marine 1st Lt.Mike Pelotera and members of his platoon salute the national flag during the ceremony for outgoing security personnel of the BRP Sierra Madre at Naval Forces West head

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Philippines—For their bravery—maybe endurance should be added—they received bronze medals, a haircut and a shave, and two weeks for rest and recreation.

The nine members of the Marine platoon who manned the Philippine detachment aboard the rusting BRP Sierra Madre grounded on Ayungin Shoal (Second Thomas Shoal) for five months got their reward upon setting foot on mainland Palawan province on Monday.

Bearded to the last man and most with long, unkempt hair, the Marines were honored by the Western Command (Wescom) at 9:30 a.m. at Naval Forces West headquarters in Ulugan Bay in this city facing the West Philippine Sea.

Wescom Commander Lt. Gen. Roy Deveraturda presided over the ceremonies honoring 1st Lt. Mike Pelotera and his men: Technical Sergeants Julio Ventoza and Joselito Panganiban, Sergeants Edwin Galvan and Rey Sarmiento, …